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See What People Say About Our Services

"Bruce Provides excellent IT support and systems management services to a diverse staff of 50+ members located in six separate offices spread across the state. He is technically skilled, responsive and patient."

Matt - Non-profit

"Bruce is a valued member of our IT team. He works professionally, proficiently, and gives his all (including working weekends, nights and being on call) to make sure that his users’ needs are met. In addition he takes great pride in keeping all of his training/knowledge current and has introduced us to the latest in practices and technology. On top of this, he is kind and a genuine pleasure to work with."

Lauren - Non-Profit

"In my capacity with a high-profile equity firm, I needed to find an IT consultant who could improve and secure our IT needs.  Devoted IT had an immediate impact because they revamped our IT infrastructure, improved our security protocols, and implemented key redundancy measures that are required in today’s modern age.  Their proactive approach is the sole purpose we depend on an IT consultant and that is to have them focus on the technology details so we can focus on our core business."

Daniel - Financial

Tech Problems We Solve

Computer trouble

Everyone has experienced some sort of PC trouble. From blue screens, slowness, malware or pop ups. We’ve seen them too and know how to quickly help you recover and prevent it from happening again. And those steps don’t just include telling you to restart your computer.


Whether your server has crashed, is running slow or just simply needs to be upgraded, we can help. Making sure your server is configured properly and tuned to run as efficiently as possible is our main goal. There does come a time to replace and coming up with a technology lifecycle plan that helps you budget for this is extremely important.


Protecting your data is one of the most important things we will discuss with you. We’ll review budget, allowable downtime, and retention to come up with a plan to retain your data. Then more importantly decide on a testing schedule to make sure it is doing what we designed.


It seems like every day there is a new story about ransomware or a virus that is bringing down a business. While no security solution is impenetrable, we’ve designed multi-faceted security systems that significantly deter and slowdown cyber criminals giving you much desired peace of mind.


Email is one of the most utilized forms of communication in today’s business world. Making sure your email is efficient and yet blocks spam can be tricky. Whether you have an email server in your office or use a cloud based system we can help.

Network issues

Does your network disconnect or grind down to incredibly slow speeds throughout the day. This is incredibly frustrating and no one should have to work in that environment. There are many reasons it can happen but we take the guess work out and relieve your network congestion.


We live in a wireless world. Who wants to plug wires into their laptop or tablet for an impromptu meeting? No one! But do you want your employees and clients able to access the same data? Probably not. Let us make sure your office space is covered and only the proper people can access your data.


Tired of running out of ink right before a big proposal needs to be printed out? Or maybe you don’t know why the networked printer in the hallway is saying its offline again, but is powered on. Let us keep your printers running smooth and let you know when it’s time to order more toner.

The Devoted IT Difference


Typical IT Guy

Most IT guys either talk over you with technical jargon or are simply socially inept. Devoted IT takes pride in our ability to describe technology in plain terms. If you don’t understand what your IT guy is telling you give us a call and we can explain it to you in plain English.


Only need part time IT

If your company has limited technology needs why should you pay for a full time IT guy? We specialize in helping businesses find the right level of IT staffing. We can meet your needs with an experienced as needed IT staff.


My current IT doesn’t listen

Most technology companies try to sell you the solution that they know and their vendors are pushing them to sell. We take the time to discuss your needs and find a solution that is customized to your unique business.

Free IT Consultation

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    About Us

    Devoted IT is here to be a trusted business partner and technical consultant for you. We don’t talk in tech jargon and tell you to just rely on us, we explain in plain English what you are doing that is working and what may need to be reengineered to become more successful. Our technicians all have decades of technology experience from a variety of backgrounds including financial, manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, aerospace, and energy. This includes small, midsize and large enterprise businesses in both the public and private sector. And because of this, Devoted IT is well versed in compliance standards in these fields. Our experience is what helps us analyze the details and give you the big picture to make the important decisions.

    Devoted IT also believes that customer service is what differentiates us from our competitors. We strive to make you feel like you are our only customer, because if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.  We could go on and on about why we’re great but we think that our clients do a better job of that.